Myths and Facts About Botox Everyone Should Know

When it comes to limiting the signs of aging without surgery, Botox® reigns supreme. With more than seven million procedures performed each year, it’s become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available today.

But, the benefits of Botox don’t end with cosmetics. It’s effective at treating a wide range of medical conditions, including dental problems.

There’s no shortage of myths when it comes to Botox, despite it being so successful and popular. That’s why our team at Duval Orthodontics, located in Warner Robins and Albany, Georgia, created this blog post, which uncovers the most common Botox myths while also providing the facts.

Fact: Botox can prevent and improve wrinkles

Many people don’t start Botox unless they notice wrinkles or facial lines. But, the truth is, you don’t have to wait for aging to take its toll on your skin. You can start your Botox treatments long before wrinkles and fine lines deepen.

Botox injections relax your facial muscles. This relaxed state makes it so the muscles that produce wrinkles can’t contract, preventing wrinkles from forming and deepening.

Myth: Botox is a “one-and-done” treatment

Many people believe they only need one Botox treatment. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. 

Botox is a temporary solution for improving wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging. On average, the results last between 3-6 months. Receiving several rounds of Botox injections can help extend your results.

Myth: Botox injections hurt

The thought of a needle anywhere near your face might give you the chills, but in truth, Botox injections rarely hurt. The needles are thin, and they typically only cause very mild — if any — discomfort. 

And, when you visit Duval Orthodontics for Botox, Dr. J.A. Duval always applies ice to your targeted area for a quick numbing effect and a comfortable experience. 

Fact: Botox goes beyond hiding wrinkles

Although Botox injections are the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure, it has many health benefits beyond cosmetics. In fact, Botox was first approved for treating conditions that affected the eye muscles.

Now, it’s even used to treat symptoms for a range of medical problems, such as bladder dysfunction, chronic migraines, and excessive sweating. 

Botox and dentistry

What many people don’t know is that Botox even has a place in dentistry. At Duval Orthodontics, we offer Botox injections for patients with bruxism, or unconscious jaw clenching and teeth grinding.

Bruxism can lead to tooth pain, thinner enamel, and can even cause headaches and migraines. Dr. Duval uses Botox injections to relax your jaw muscles, which can lessen the severity of jaw clenching and damage to your teeth.

To learn more about Botox injections at Duval Orthodontics, reach out by phone or book a consultation online.

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