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If you want your perfectly aligned smile to last a lifetime, you’re going to need a retainer. Duval Orthodontics in Warner Robins, and Albany, Georgia, provides durable, high-quality retainers for all of its patients looking to maintain the alignment of their smile after orthodontic treatment. If you need to get or replace a retainer, schedule a visit today by calling the office or book an appointment online.

Retainers Q & A

What is a retainer?

A retainer is an oral appliance that maintains the alignment of your smile. Braces and Invisalign® move your teeth into a better alignment, but a retainer ensures that they stay there once they’ve arrived. 

How long and often do I need to wear my retainer?

How long and often you have to wear your retainer depends on the condition of your smile and the type of orthodontic treatment you received. Some patients need to wear their retainer for just a few months, while others might be encouraged to wear one for the rest of their lives. 

Initially, your orthodontist will likely want you to wear your retainer every day, day and night, for the first three months after your orthodontic treatment. If your teeth aren’t showing any signs of falling out of alignment after those first three months, you might be able to cut back your retainer time and wear it only at night, or just for a few hours during the day.

Your orthodontist will have a more specific set of instructions tailored precisely to your unique case. You should always follow these instructions if you want to maintain all of the hard work that you went through with braces or Invisalign!

How do I care for my retainer?

Just like your teeth, your retainer needs to be taken care of daily in order to work at its fullest potential.

You should clean your retainer once a day in order to remove plaque, minimize bacteria, and eliminate odors. The good news is that retainers are very easy to clean! All you need is a toothbrush and dental paste or an orthodontic-specific product. Just make sure you don’t get the water too hot, as retainers are sensitive to extreme heat.

You should always remove your retainer when you go swimming. The repetitive opening and closing of your mouth that happens when you swim increases the likelihood of your retainer dislodging and getting lost, not to mention the fact that the chemicals used to keep swimming pools hygienic corrode your retainer materials.

Lastly, don’t leave your retainer out in the open around pets. No matter how clean you keep it, your pets will probably still think it smells like food. You can avoid the hassle of replacing your retainer by making sure you keep it in its case and in a safe place.

To learn more about caring for your retainer, or to get a retainer for your smile, schedule a visit today with the orthodontic experts at Duval Orthodontics by calling the office or booking online.