Keep Smiling With Clear Braces

Keep Smiling With Clear Braces

Whether your kid is protesting a mouthful of metal, or you’re an adult looking to improve your smile without drawing stares, you have options. One of the most popular is Invisalign®

While this highly effective treatment has revolutionized the field of orthodontics, it doesn’t completely replace the need for traditional braces. If your dental issues are complex and need adjustments only braces can accomplish, clear braces may be a welcome solution.

To find out if you're a good candidate for clear braces, come visit J. A. Duval, DDS, at Duval Orthodontics in Warner Robins or Albany, Georgia. Dr. Duval draws upon his extensive skill and expertise to custom-design the most effective treatment to optimize your dental health and your smile. 

Here, he takes a close look at clear braces and the advantages of this powerful treatment.

Clear braces are discreet

Let’s face it, no one relishes the thought of wearing metal braces. The brackets and wires call undue attention and can cause you to hold back a laugh or a smile. In fact, the top reason people choose clear braces is for their discreet appearance.

The clear material reveals the natural color of your teeth rather than metal brackets. We can also match the wires to your tooth color to make your treatment even less unnoticeable. 

Clear braces work quickly

Although Invisalign is highly effective, clear braces can usually get the job done faster. Because braces can be adjusted to move your teeth in significant increments, it’s possible to complete your treatment in less time. 

Clear braces do what aligners can’t

Invisalign can't fix all dental issues, including:

Clear braces can correct all these issues. 

Clear braces don’t interfere with imaging tests

One of the drawbacks of metal braces is that they prevent you from undergoing certain types of diagnostic tests you may need. For example, some X-ray technologies and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests are sensitive to metals.

If you need this type of test during your orthodontic treatment, and you’re wearing metal braces, you either have to postpone the test or have your braces removed. But clear braces are made with ceramic and plastic, so it’s safe to undergo these imaging tests while wearing them. 

Clear braces increase your confidence

Choosing clear braces over the metal type isn’t an act of vanity, it’s an investment in your mental and emotional health. Studies show that your perception of yourself affects your attitude toward yourself and others and that low self-confidence can lead to symptoms of depression. 

Clear braces enable you to correct your dental issues, which improves your smile and your confidence and allows you to go through the treatment without worrying about what others think about what is on your teeth.

If you’re ready to smile through your orthodontic treatment and achieve a dazzling smile, schedule an appointment at Duval Orthodontics by calling our friendly staff or booking a visit using our online schedule tool today. 

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