4 Health Benefits of Straighter Teeth

4 Health Benefits of Straighter Teeth

Most people say they want straighter teeth and a whiter, brighter smile to improve their appearance. But straighter teeth do more than improve your looks — they can give you a healthier mouth, too. 

Crooked teeth can trigger negative dental health effects, and when oral health declines, your overall health can suffer, too. In fact, research shows a strong link between poor dental health and systemic diseases, like cancer, diabetes, dementia, and heart disease. 

At Duval Orthodontics with offices in Albany and WarnerRobins, Georgia, J. A. Duval, DDS, and our skilled care team want to give you the healthiest teeth possible. Our practice offers multiple services to correct dental problems, such as straightening crooked teeth for both adults and children.

Millions of children, teens, and adults have improved their oral and overall health through teeth straightening. Here’s a closer look at four reasons Dr. Duval may recommend straightening your teeth:

1. Say hello to healthier teeth

Straight, aligned teeth make it more difficult for unhealthy bacteria to take hold and cause damage. On the other hand, crooked, overcrowded, or misaligned teeth create hiding places that these unhealthy bacteria love, like crevices, pockets, and corners.

These areas are more difficult to reach and keep clean, making it easier for these decay-causing bacteria to take root and flourish. As a result, crooked teeth have an increased risk for cavities, bad breath, decay, and other problematic conditions.

2. Say goodbye to gum disease

Just as misaligned teeth affect the health of your teeth, they also affect the health of your bite. A misaligned bite means you have a higher risk of injuring your gums. And the more out of alignment your bite, the more soft tissue it affects, including your cheeks and tongue. 

At least 85% of Americans over 35 struggle with gum disease, and crooked teeth makes it more likely you’ll develop this disease. Straighter teeth with better access to your soft tissues make it easier to keep these areas clean, keep your roots strong, and avoid injury to your soft tissues.

3. Better jaw support to avoid jaw issues

Your jaw joint gets a healthy workout every day, taking lots of wear-and-tear over the years. Crooked and misaligned teeth cause more jaw stress and increase your risk of injuring or damaging these joints, called temporomandibular joints.

Issues with your jaw going can trigger a painful disorder called TMJ or TMD. TMJ causes pain that leads to trouble with chewing and eating, headaches, neck pain, grinding, or clenching. A straighter smile alleviates this jaw stress and reduces your chances of getting TMJ. 

4. Less dental damage

When your teeth are crooked, it means that a few of your teeth are doing more than their share of work. This can cause your teeth to wear unevenly, increasing your risk of dental damage, like cracks, chips, breaks, and even loss of one or more teeth.

Crooked teeth also often point to issues with your bite or lead to one or more teeth sticking out. This increases your risk of dental damage as these teeth are less stable in your jaw. Straightening your teeth keeps them more secure, lowering your risk of dental damage.

Learn more about the benefits of straighter teeth by scheduling an appointment online or over the phone at Duval Orthodontics in Albany and Warner Robins, Georgia. 

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