3 Orthodontic Systems You May Not Know About

Orthodontic treatment once meant large metal braces and heavy adjustment wires, making for an uncomfortable and very visible

You have more choices than ever for aligning your teeth with orthodontic systems, and in fact, there may be some options you’ve never heard of before. Choosing the right orthodontist is a key part of finding the ideal alignment system for you, and Duval Orthodontics is a specialist in both children’s and adult braces, including Damon® braces, Incognito™ braces, and Six Month Smiles®, three orthodontics systems you should know.

Reasons for braces

There are likely people who consider chomping on a brussels sprout a “bad bite,” but to Dr. J.A. Duval, it means you could have problems with the ways you bite, chew, or speak. As well as being straight in a row, your teeth need to match up top and bottom for efficient performance.

Orthodontics is often thought of as something for teens or children, and guiding their adult teeth into good position is important. Even adults, though, can have alignment issues that change over time, and there’s no wrong time to undergo orthodontic care, if it can improve the way your mouth functions.

Damon braces

Conventional braces and bands often require the removal of teeth to make room in a crowded mouth. The Damon system approaches orthodontic alignment from a whole mouth perspective using tie-less braces and shape-memory wires that require fewer adjustments than regular systems. 

You may be able to accomplish your teeth alignment goals without tooth extractions or palate expanders. It comes down to the slide mechanism on the Damon brace that holds the wires without ties and permits faster tooth movement with more consistent force over the course of treatment. With shorter treatment time and more comfortable adjustments, what’s not to love about Damon braces?

Incognito braces

For some people, the appearance of conventional braces is a deal-breaker. The metal mouth look is no big deal for some, but you may be horrified at the thought of a shiny chrome smile. Incognito braces from 3M may be the answer for you. The Incognito approach sneaks up from behind. Behind your teeth, that is. 

Incognito braces are fastened to the rear surface, hidden from sight. Generically called lingual braces, the individual appliances and the wires that connect them are all on the tongue side of your teeth. You still get the same customized teeth-straightening experience. Your braces simply don’t show to the outside world.

6 Month Smiles

Another option offering virtual invisibility is the 6 Month Smiles composite clear system of aligner trays and braces. The advantage of the 6 Month Smiles option is the accelerated treatment times. Instead of up to 24 months, candidates for the 6 Month Smiles system generally see treatment times of, you guessed it, 6 months. 

Aligner trays use a special material that’s durable where it needs to be, flexible where comfort is important, and exceptionally clear. Clear braces are also transparent and joined by tooth-colored connectors. Between trays and braces, you’ll experience a customized and fast treatment plan that others may never know is in place.

Contact Duval Orthodontics at either location, by phone or through the Request Appointment tool online. Learn more about your alignment options during your personal consultation with Dr. Duval. Book today. 


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